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Flints Theatre Black Paint 5L
Flints Theatre Black Paint 5L
Price ex VAT: £27.30 5 L

Since the introduction of Flints Theatre Black over three years ago it has soared in popularity and is now one of our biggest selling products.

The reason it is so popular is that it’s specially made to suit the exact requirements of the entertainments industry.


Coverage approximately 10 square metres per litre
Intense deep black
Brilliant one coat obliteration
Very low reflectance
Good durability
Resistant to wear through, great for stage floors
Easy flowing for roller, brush or spray
Low VOC, just 1g/L [EU limit value for this product (cat A/a): 30 g/L]
Economical in use, ideal for large areas and stage floors

The History of Flints Black: After Bolloms ceased production we needed to find a replacement for their Black Emulsion. We tried many of the paints already available on the market but soon realised that we would have to get a paint specially made to meet the demanding specification. As we sell very large quantities of black and white paint we were able to ensure a high specification, yet provide it at an economical bulk rate. We tested many batch samples from different companies and made a series of subtle formula adjustments to create a great general purpose black which is economical in use. We hope you like it.

QuantityPrice ex VAT
0—4£27.30 each
5—119£25.50 each
120+£22.00 each